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IP Location Module

With the use of the IP to Location module, one may find the geolocation of an IP address together with details about its continent, nation, capital, calling code, top level domain, city, state or province, zip code, local languages, flag of the nation, latitude, and longitude.

Module for User Agent Parsing

The User Agent module decodes the user agent string from the browser and returns comprehensive device information, including the device name, version, type, operating system, browser, browser engine, and browser version. It is able to recognize attackers, crawlers, and robots.

Module for Reverse IP Lookup

You can find the host name, domain, or router DNS address using reverse IP lookup. This provides you with comprehensive details regarding the traffic's initial source.

IP Address Lookup in Bulk Support

To look up several IP addresses in one go, use our Bulk IP Lookup endpoint. There might be 50 IPs in a single request. There is support for IPv4 and IPv6.

Localization of website content

Your website's content should be tailored to the visitors' final destination. By "talking" to your guests in their native tongue, you may immediately establish a connection and help them feel at home. You may boost conversions by up to 70% by using IP geolocation to reroute users to your region's unique website.

Inconspicuous geolocation

Have you put together a fantastic content localization strategy? Finding out where your visitors are coming from doesn't require intrusive methods like IP geolocation. Don't impede your visitors' experience on your website by displaying intrusive pop-ups that request their location. Using their IP address, our geolocation API will determine their location and display the appropriate message.

Protection of Digital Rights

Use IP location API to protect your content's digital rights. Construct a digital barrier surrounding your material and ensure that access is limited to those inside the fence.

Avoid Threats and Fraud

In order to stop online fraud, trial abusers, forum spammers, and botnet attackers, you may identify anonymous traffic sources, known attackers, suspicious devices, and Tor nodes with our security and user agent module.

Worldwide credibility

Thousands of developers, SMBs, and major organizations use our real-time geolocation API service worldwide.

Recognize your visitors

Recognize the origins of your customers' website visits and adjust user experiences according to IP.

Data for IPv4
and IPv6

Over 200,000 cities
and over 2 million
distinct locations are covered by the API globally.

Technical Assistance

We guarantee that our committed customer care representatives will be there to assist you at any time.

Solid Rock

Many years of cooperation with major ISPs guarantee reliable and consistent data every day of
the year.

Growing alongside your company

Ease of use and scalability were priorities when designing the Ip api. Uptime is assured, and implementation takes less than ten minutes.

Strong and Expandable

Our system can
handle a million
queries per day or
100 requests per

Outstanding Documentation

You'll be up and running in minutes with the help of a comprehensive API documentation and a fast start guide.

Bank-Level Protection

256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS) is used to safeguard all data that is transferred to and processed by the ip api.

XML or

The IP API can provide results in XML or
JSON format,
depending on your preference.

Location Module

Utilize the vast collection of localization data provided by ip api to apply geographic limitations to your website, enhance ad targeting, or provide users with experiences that are tailored to their region.

Module for Currency

Provide your consumers with a customized purchasing experience by providing them with fast and precise information about the main currency utilized in the location that was returned for the processed IP address.

Module for Time Zones

Without requiring them to complete any forms, find out what time zone your users are in and take appropriate action based on the time-related metadata that the ip api returns.

Connection Module

Utilize important details such as the hostname and ASN of the ISP that people are using to view your website.

Module of Security

Take precautions to safeguard your website and web application and stay ahead of any potential dangers to your company by quickly identifying proxies, crawlers, or Tor users.